Basic Information

In order to run a Treehousecamp, a suitable team is required. Often not all team members know each other before a new project is started. In an initial orientation phase, it is best for the team dynamic, that they get to know each other and develop a common working basis.

Functions, Tasks and Responsibilities

Depending on the agreed goals and the defined target group, the framework conditions as well as the competencies required in the team may change. It is therefore important to think about roles and areas of responsibility in advance. In the downloads you find a list with examples of possible tasks and functions that are needed in a treehouse camp. These are not to be understood as exhaustive. Depending on the organization, method, or even the scope of the project, additional task areas and functions may be added or others may be combined or omitted altogether. Within a field of activity, responsibilities can also be divided among several people.


In addition to clarifying roles and tasks, it is important to define common guidelines and rules in the team (camp rules, work rules, rules of use). Depending on the country, organisation and composition of a team, this can be handled very differently. As an example you find some defined rules in the downloads.

Teambuilding and Training

Besides teambuilding work you need to make sure your leaders are well prepared and trained in treehouse building. What experience or skills do they have? What more do they need? Are there enough experienced people in the team? Depending on these questions, other preparatory steps are needed before a camp. Maybe your team needs more experience, then we recommend the participation in another camp. Even if your team already knows how to build a treehouse, it is worth planning a joint preparation phase in advance. The general practices can be trained or, if necessary, adapted in case of changes. This way, all members of the team have the same level of knowledge and are well prepared for the camp.


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