Basic Information

A treehouse camp works hand in hand with with material. Therefore it is required to set mandatory rules for use and in working with these materials. In the background information the main rules for running a safe treehouse camp for everyone are summarized.

Background Information

Handling of Material
  • Only climbing and building material with corresponding standard is allowed to used for climbing and safety activities
  • Be aware of using PPE (personal protection equipment) and safety material only in the way that is set by the manufacturer
  • Only use caribiners with trilock closure
  • All safety material has to be controlled annually by an approved expert according to PPE standard (DGUV 312-906).
  • Before using climbing material is has to be checked if it is intact. During a treehouse camp it is recommended to check the climbing material every morning.
  • Climbing material has to be stored in a dry and clean room
  • Don’t put safety material on the ground in the forest, always put a blanket under the material.
  • Use redundant safety systems if possible and useful
Safety Rules for Everyone
  • Buddy-check principle or double-check principle (four-eye principle) is obligatory in all activities where PPE is in use.
  • Everyone has to take part in a training about how to use climbing and building material in the right way
  • Participants and leaders with long hair have to put their hair up
  • At the building site during the building process, everyone has to
    • wear proper shoes
    • wear a helmet
    • wear a climbing harness
    • wear gloves
    • be secured while being on the treehouse and working at height
  • Ensure that the building site and the material is in order
  • Don’t ever smoke
    • while wearing a climbing harness
    • on the treehouse
    • during the construction phase
  • Don’t throw anything from the treehouse platform
  • Nobody works on the treehouse alone or in the dark
  • It is not allowed to rappel yourself when you are alone
Safety Rules for Team Members
  • To prevent violence (and sexual violence), every team member has to
    • take part in a training course about prevention of violence
    • show a criminal record
    • sign a declaration of consent about prevention of violence
  • Team members are role-models, so they have to behave in the way we want the participants to behave.


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