Basic Information

Legal requirements, insurance and permits differ greatly depending on the country in which a treehouse camp is carried out. Country-specific and regional conditions must therefore be clarified locally.

  • General terms and conditions
  • Permits (government, land owner, forestry office, rules for temporary structures in your country, ...)
  • Insurance

Background Information

Terms and Conditions

Check what general terms and conditions already exist in your organisation or think about which rules and conditions are important to you for organizing and running a treehouse camp.

For example in Switzerland, after signing up for a treehouse camp, every participant gets a letter with a registration confirmation and the most important information ("the fine print"). This registration confirmation has to be signed and sent back. With this confirmation each participant agrees with the general terms and conditions.

Permits and Authorizations

In order to build a treehouse, some clarifications are required in advance as well as the obtaining of permits. Depending on the country and regional conditions, there are big differences. Consider the following points and contact the responsible persons:

  • Forest and land owners
  • Responsible forestry office
  • Rights of way, access rights
  • Country-specific rules of temporary structures and buildings

Optional: Also think about giving information about the implementation of a camp to

  • the municipality, neighbors or other relevant persons around the camp
  • the Food Inspectorate
  • the emergency services (ambulance, fire brigade, doctors)

There are also major country-specific differences in the insurance sector. Find out about the regulations that apply in your country. Perhaps your organisation already has certain guidelines or recommendations.

Example Switzerland:

  • Personal insurance (health insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance); Every person has a personal insurance. Insurance is the responsibility of the participants.
  • Association insurance (liability insurance: vehicles, equipment); Some organisations have an association insurance.
  • Also think about a business liability insurance if need be.


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