Basic Information

Depending on the organisation, team constellation, level of experience of the team members, etc., more or less preparation and planning work and thus more or less time is required in the run-up to a treehouse camp.

While planning a first treehouse camp, many questions arise. To make planning a little easier, you can use the "4x4 planning model". In the form of topics and concrete questions, the model serves as an orientation aid not only in regard to planning but also in regard to the preparation, implementation and conclusion phases.

The "4x4 planning model" is intended to support the organisation of the most important steps in advance and thus to reduce possible risks. The model looks at the project from different angles - in terms of technology/environment, leadership/team and person/participants.


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The website and the content was developed in the project "Treehouse Camps - a Method to Strengthen Key Competences and Integration in Youth Work".

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