Basic Information

Before you can start the construction process (see step-by-step-plan) you have to climb up each tree. Therefore you need a technique, that is safe and doesn't need to much effort (material, machines, ...).

Climbing a tree with slings is a simple and efficient method. It is important that you only climb trees that are really healthy.

Further Information

Most Important information for Tree Climbing

Depending on tree species, branch growth and circumference, other climbing techniques are required. Basically, however, the following applies:

  • Tree climbing requires practice and a good physical condition.
  • Climb only healthy trees! Never climb trees alone - make sure that someone can come to your aid quickly in case of an emergency!
  • This method is best suited for trees that are not too thick and don't have many branches.
  • The larger the circumference of the trunk, the more difficult the process is.
  • You will need at least 3 slings (the length of the slings depends on the diameter of the tree), 2 for your safety and 1-2 foot slings.  The slings must be long enough so that you can easily move them while climbing.
  • Between the climbing harness and the sling you need a fall arrester.
  • To climb around larger branches, you need a second sling with carabiners to secure yourself. Even when climbing around branches there must always be a secure connection between the climbing harness and the tree.
  • Lifting slings are more suitable than slings from the mountaineering sector. Besides the larger contact surface, they are also more robust.
  • When climbing a tree think about the descent - it requires time and strength too.


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