Basic Information

Each treehouse needs appropriate access points. Be aware that with larger treehouses several accesses are especially useful.  The construction of accesses is best done parallel to the construction of the treehouse platforms. The better the access to a platform is during construction phase, the faster you will progress.

When building the accesses, make sure that in critical situations, such as an approaching storm, a treehouse can be evacuated quickly. For larger projects, it makes sense to plan several access points. 

Building Saddled Stairs

Further Information

Building Bridges

Transitions (or bridges) from platform to platform should be as horizontal as possible (otherwise stairs are more suitable). The inclination of transitions should be max. 15ᵒ. In the case of sloping transitions, it is recommended that thin crossbars be fitted to prevent slipping.

Bridges are built according to the same system as platforms - simply between them.

Building Stairs

Building a staircase in a treehouse is not easy. The best way is to build saddled stairs. Here the cheeks are cut from thick boards, and the steps are nailed through the tread surface.



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