Basic Information

Knotting/lashings is the method for building temporary treehouses used by the participating organizations of this website. While there are multiple ways of lashing for sufficient strength, there are a few basic criteria:

  • The lashing should be easy to check: The lashing should be made neatly, to ensure it can be checked after it is made. This ensures the safety of the lashing. It is wise to make a standard and to have a single procedure of checking the lashing.
  • The lashing should be strong enough for the application: The strength is dependent on multiple factors such as the direction of the load on the lashing, the type and thickness of rope, the beginning and end of the lashing, and the quality of the knotting work.
Video about knotting

Further Information

Rope Type and Thickness

Rope Type and Thickness

Which rope should be chosen depends also on the lashing. A few guidelines for choosing the right rope:

  • It should be a homogeneous material that has minimal elasticity.
  • Thickness of the rope is dependent on the force which the knot needs to hold. A knot for a primary beam has to be able to withstand a larger load.
  • Just one or two kinds of rope should be chosen for constructing. The difference should be clear to everyone so that it is easy to see if the correct rope is used.


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