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Environmental Conditions
The weather is an important external factor in treehouse construction. It is important to observe the weather in order to take precautions early enough in critical situations.
Knotting/lashings is the method for building temporary treehouses. Find more information about techniques and ropes.
Lifting loads
A major challenge in building a treehouse is lifting the loads to the desired height. Find more about the usage of pulley systems.
Proper Clothing
Participants need to wear proper clothing to join the treehouse safely.
Safety Culture
When building treehouses safety is of paramount importance. Having an understanding of the safety measures and responsibility for the safety of oneself and others is key. Learn more about the most important safety rules.
Security Line
When building a treehouse a security system is required to move between the trees in order to knot beams and nail the boards.
Special Features
Each treehouse needs appropriate access points. Find more information about building stairs and bridges.
Step-by-Step Plan
The construction process of a treehouse can essentially be broken down into nine steps.
Similar to climbing on rock or in a climbing gym, a toprope belay device can be used when building a treehouse. Learn more about the usage and the most familiar devices.
Tree Climbing
A proper technique of tree climbing is important to build treehouses in a safe way.
In order to build a treehouse you have to be able to judge the trees. Learn more about the health of trees.
The important and supporting elements of a treehouse are usually comprised of timber and floor boards.


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